Copyright Info For The Digital Arts Lab

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do you understand HOW copyright laws work? Most people on this planet do NOT! Understanding how copyright laws affect the creation of digital art is confusing. There are many abstract ideas to consider.

If you're reading this post you are LUCKY! I have researched the topic of copyright and intellectual property. I will share this info with you and save you time (and future problems). Check out the Digital Arts Lab's Copyright Page Today!

The picture on the LEFT is the Creative Commons logo. The Creative Commons movement is just one of the NEW developments associated with digital copyrighting. There are several other IMPORTANT copyright topics that relate to the Digital Arts Lab...

In addition to the topics listed on the Copyright Page I have also included a powerful Copyright Video by the world's top thought leader on digital copyright.

Familiarize yourself with the copyright topics listed ABOVE. Knowing this information will help you create digital art SAFELY and LEGALLY.

The Digital Arts Lab supports digital artists that create their art lawfully!


Anonymous said...

this was very helpful! i printed out some copies to keep around for reference! thanks.