iDVD Tips #1

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do you want to make a DVD where you can view a slide show of your pictures while a song of your choice plays? iDVD makes this easy with only a few simple steps.

First you need to put your pictures in folders; each folder will be it's own slideshow.

1. Open iDVD and click on the icon for "Magic iDVD"

2. Choose a "Theme" for your DVD

3. Drag the first picture folder from your documents to the square that says "Drop Photos Here"

4. Drag a single music file from your documents on top of the first picture folder in iDVD - the pictures in that folder will automatically play for the length of the song (you can keep adding your picture folders and a song for each one until you are done or until you run out of disk space)

5. Click on the "Create Project" button if you want to preview your project, otherwise click on the "Burn" button to burn your project straight to your DVD

Magic iDVD automatically sets the length each picture is shown and adds in transitions between each picture. If you want to change the timing of the pictures or if you want different transitions, you can change it in the preview mode when you click on the "Create Project" button.