Adobe Photoshop Tips #5

Friday, August 14, 2009

- Panoramas and the Clone Tool -

The above picture is a 360 panorama of the Children's Area at Cesar Chavez Library. To make a panoramic picture like this, the photographer needs to stand in one spot and carefully turn around in a circle, taking pictures at the same level all the way around.

There may be some gaps on the sides after the picture is put together, which you can crop off to make the picture look neater. In this case, I wanted to keep as much of the picture as I could, but the bottom sides and some of the top had too much missing (see picture below).

In order to make the picture look nicer, I recreated the missing parts of the picture from scratch. This was made possible by using the "Clone Tool." I used it like a paint brush to draw the missing carpet, rug, chairs, and tables. The "Burn Tool" can be used to create shadows to make the objects look more realistic.