Adobe Photoshop Tips #7

Friday, November 13, 2009

Photoshop is a good program for making a poster. You can add in many layers of text, photographs, and illustrations.

The color of the text, background, and even the photographs can be changed to fit your color scheme. It is easy to change the size of anything in your poster to make everything fit just right.

Text can be created within Photoshop using the "Text Tool." Colorful shapes can also be created; for example, in the poster to the left, the two red lines were created using the "Shape Tool." The photographs and illustrations were imported to this poster and resized using the "Free Transform" tool.

Filling in color is easy as well. This poster was given its tan color by using the "Paint Bucket Tool" on the "Background Layer." The photographs were tinted using "Hue/Saturation" in the "Adjustments" drop-down menu.