Welcome to the new Salinas Public Library Digital Arts Lab!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hey out there!

My name is Garland, and I'm the Digital Arts Lab Advisor for the Salinas Public Library. It's been a wild ride since we first cracked the Apple boxes open and set up the lab. Every day brings us something new and cool to deal with, plus it's loads of fun giving kids games to play on the Xbox! In fact I remarked to Bjorn today that it feels like we're Santa Claus when we do! 

In the short time the lab has been open we've already seen a number of people take to it like ducks to water which tells us we're on the right track. But don't think we're stopping  here! Over the next few months the lab will be continually growing and changing with new software and equipment coming to us soon. We're developing classes on how to use the equipment and software as well, and the Lab will play a crucial part in our celebrations of 100 years of faithful service to the Salinas Community and you!

So stay tuned, and please let us know if there's something you'd like to do here, and how we might help you do it.  In the meantime, be well, happy, and go out and make something good happen!

Peace yo!
Garland Thompson Jr.

Salinas Public Library DAL Advisor
SPL Program Manager