What is Digital Art?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Defining digital art has been a topic of conversation lately. It appears to be a simple question. Digital art is art made with a computer. Right?

Yes. This is the MOST basic explanation. However, during a discussion with a local digital artist I learned that digital art is like any other art and somehow totally different at the same time.

Art is communication. Like paint or charcoal, the computer (or software) is a tool for expression, creativity and innovation. Respected artists not only have skills in operating their tools, but they also communicate something that resonates with their audience.

The difference between digital art and traditional art is profound. Tools for creating digital art allow artists to combine the styles and techniques of traditional mediums in ways that were NOT previously possible. Today, there are infinite ways to combine layers of images, video and sound. Digital art also gives artists the ability to duplicated and share their works almost instantly. However, the implications of this duplication may be a topic for another time.

Fortunately, the great potential of digital art has reached consumer level. You do NOT have to be an industry professional to use today's digital art tools. Anyone with basic computer skills and the desire to create something COOL can do it!