Holiday Cards At Cesar Chavez Library

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Digital Arts LabGarland Thompson Jr. taking photos

This week the Digital Arts Lab traveled to the Cesar Chavez Library to create Holiday Cards. We made photo cards from 4-6pm on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.

During this time we took 143 photos!

Our technique involved using a green screen with Apple's Photo Booth software. We offered eight unique holiday backgrounds for people to choose from. Once their picture was taken we dropped their photo into our Photoshop card template. Then we printed their cards and gave them an envelope!

The success of the Holiday Card program was due to the collaboration of many Salinas Public Library employees. I would like to extend a BIG THANKS to ALL those involved:
  • Alysia Cruz for helping locate the holiday background images, creating the Photoshop card template and producing the promotional sign and fliers.

  • Silvia Garcia, Cathy Aburto, Maribel Torres for their translations on the promotional materials.

  • Richard Allyn, Anthony Schlagel, Benjamin MacBean for their work with crowd control and the card production process.

  • Vanessa Bautista for locating the supplies that made this project possible.

  • Garland Thompson Jr. for his camera ability and public relations finesse.

  • The entire John Steinbeck and Cesar Chavez Staff for promoting this event!

Thank you Salinas for coming out and making your Holiday Cards at the Digital Arts Lab!